Sunday, April 13, 2008

Television Shows with Penguins: Cyberchase's Penguin Tears Episode

To compliment my Movies with Penguins series of posts, I am also starting a series called Television Shows with Penguins, which will all be placed in the Television Shows with Penguins label category. This series will include television shows I come across that feature a penguin character as a recurring role or a particular episode in the television series that happens to contain at least one penguin. If you have any shows/episodes that you know of with penguins, then please comment and let me know, so I can feature it in an upcoming post in this series of posts.

The first television show with penguins that I will spotlight is one specific episode in the PBS series Cyberchase. Cyberchase is an animated show that teaches/reinforces grade school kid math concepts through enjoyable episodes with adventures requiring a specific math concept. One of the episodes is called "Penguin Tears" and as expected it has penguin characters. The math concept taught in the episode is angles.

In this Cyberchase episode the Cyberchase gang is in Penguia, which is a location in the show's cyberland where penguins live. Playing a hockey like game is something the penguins are playing and the gang tries there hand at it. They then end up on a mission to find the Prism of Penguia, which keeps the penguins happy and Hacker (the evil guy in the show) is after. So, what does tears have to do with it? Well, the penguins take turns being the penguin crying as a way of paying homage or something and allowing the penguins to be happy without the prism. Cyberchase is a great show for kids and this episode is fun with the penguin characters, although it is not really set in Antarctica, but kind of a cyberantarctica. They, however, call is Cyberia, which sounds cooler, but is totally a misleading twist on the real Siberia where there are absolutely no penguins in the wild. The show does not try to be based in reality besides the math concepts taught, so it really is not a big deal that they do that.

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