Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chinese fishing vessel that caught fire has now sunk in the Antarctic

Last week the Kai Xin caught fire in the Antarctic and the crew was evacuated from the ship.  The Chilean government had already sent a tugboat to try to tow it back to port or at least monitor and combat the potential environmental impact of fuel spillage.  However, before the tugboat got there the ship had sunk.  The tugboat will still monitor for fuel spillage, but it appears that there is not much chance of an issue from fuel because the fire is thought to have burned off most if not all of what was aboard.

Source:  Chile says Chinese factory fishing ship that burned off Antarctica has sunk with no one aboard (Washington Post)

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chilean Tug Boat Sent to Chinese Ship on Fire in Antarctica

Back on April 17, 2013, the Chinese factory fishing ship Kai Xin caught fire and the crew was evacuated to a Norwegian ship.  The Chilean military and government have been working with the Chinese embassy in Chile to help minimize the ecological impact of the ship.  On Friday, a tug boat was dispatched by Chile's Third Navy Zone equipped to deal with the potential pollution issue of the ship being abandoned and on fire in the Antarctic waters.

Source: Chile sends ship to Antarctica to prevent post-fire pollution by Thomas Whittle

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chinese fishing ship fire in Antarctica

Yesterday, the crew of 97 was rescued from the Chinese factory fishing ship, Kai Xin, by a Norwegian vessel Juvel.  The ship was abandoned due to the fire, but it appears that at least for now it is not sinking.  Chile's Air Force has flown over it and will fly over it again to check its condition.  Chile's military is coordinating to try to minimize the ecological impact of the fishing vessel in the Antarctica including potentially using a tugboat from Puntas Arenas to tow it back to port if the Kai Xin remains seaworthy.

Source: 97 saved from Chinese ship afire off Antarctic by Marianela Jarroud, Associated Press