Saturday, May 25, 2013

Antarctic Book Review: Life Under Ice by Mary M. Cerullo

Life Under Ice by Mary M. Cerullo is a picture book that provides a brief overview of the animals and climate of Antarctica with the main focus being on the life under the ice. The book also provides some insight on how scientists work in Antarctica, especially the divers. This book is geared towards grades 3 to 5. The use of photography alongside descriptive text is the main highlight of the book. Having the photographs of actual Antarctic life makes this book more appealing to visual learners as well as those that may be weaker readers while the descriptive text provides similar fulfillment for learners that are more linguistically inclined. For example, when discussing how penguins warm themselves by turning their black backs to the sun and cool themselves by turning their white fronts to the sun there are two full page photos that are a great example of them warming themselves in one and cooling themselves in the other.