Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A New Race to the South Pole

I just read this article about a 61-year-old preparing to participate in a race to the South Pole in December. He and other teams of three will be racing across Antarctica to reach the geographic South Pole. Sounds like that could be an exciting thing to follow.

Also, want to point out that this article says "Scott's historic feat 100 years ago." I think some will misunderstand this as saying he was the first to reach the South Pole, however he failed to not only reach it first, but also miserably failed overall in that he never made it back alive from Antarctica (he did make it the South Pole, though, just not first). By the way the actual first person was Roald Amundsen. The article did not say Scott was first and thus is still accurate. I just wanted to clarify, as I think it could be misread, especially since the article mentions the historic race was between Amundsen and Scott and previously has only referred to Scott's feat and nothing in the article mentions Roald as being the first to reach the pole.

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