Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Television Shows with Penguins: Go, Diego, Go! Penguin Episodes

The Nick Jr. Go, Diego, Go! show has three different episodes that feature penguins. This show is a spin-off of Dora the Explorer, which has the one penguin episode I wrote about earlier this month. The Go, Diego, Go! show is about Diego, a Latino boy around age 7, rescuing or helping animals.

One of the penguin episodes is called "Pepito's Penguin School." In this episode Diego helps a penguin named Pepito find his penguin school. It involves them finding different penguins in Antarctica until they find the one that is of penguins the same species as Pepito. This includes showing Adelies. I believe that Pepito ends up being a Emperor Penguin, but I forget for sure. At least that is what he looks most like.

The second Go, Diego, Go! episode with penguins is called "Macky the Macaroni Penguin." In this episode Diego helps bring a newly hatched Macaroni penguin back to his mother. Along the way he helps the penguin learn how to get around like a penguin including waddling and sliding on his belly.

The third Go, Diego, Go! episode is called "Diego, the Hero." In this episode Diego helps rescue his sister Alicia, who is stuck on a ship stuck in the ice. On board the ship are injured penguins, so he is also helping the injured penguins get to the Snowy Rescue Center. The main penguins shown are Adelie Penguins.

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