Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stupid Tourists

Okay, so here is an Antarctic tourist news article I found today. It is about a man who tried to take a rock away from the Scott Antarctic Base as a souvenir. Well, I do not know how the hell he did not get the Antarctic tourist lecture on the rules that everyone who lands on the continent has to abide by. I remember when I went that we got it as a paper brochure before we left as well as in part of the lecture we got before our first landing. For those who have not been there and may be confused about what I am talking about, one of the rules is that you cannot take anything (or leave anything you brought) from the continent except if you happen upon some trash left by an unobservant tourist unless you have a permit to do so. That said he says he accidentally ended up with it in his pocket because he was playing with it. That just is not a good reason, although I do not think he needs to pay the fine since he admitted to it. Now if you accidentally brought it back because it got stuck in one of those grooves on your snow boots then I can see that as a true accident. The fact is you really should not be even playing with the rocks unless you are some kind of scientist down there, which he was not.

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