Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hurtigruten Ship Hits Iceberg

Yet another story of a passenger ship, MS Fram, having an accident in the Antarctic. This time it was one of the ships in the Hurtigruten fleet, which is what grabbed my attention to the article about the incident because I went on a Norwegian cruise with them. Let's just say that there big ships better belong in the more open waters of the Arctic than down here. That said there ships are not really that big and are at least made for to be polar ships unlike some other cruise companies that bring monstrosities down here and do not even make landings because they have too many passengers.

Now on to the info on the accident. Their engines lost power on the 28th of December, 2007, for about half an hour. While they were drifting without their engine power, they hit an iceberg. The only thing damaged was a life boat, but as a precaution they returned to Ushuaia early being escorted by another ship. They also canceled the next expedition sceduled for the ship. The most sad thing is that this ship was only first launched in May 2007. Seems kind of early to have a power malfunction, which seems to be the real issue to be investigated with the ship.

My Hurtigruten Ship (Kong Harold) in Norway, June 2002

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