Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Summer" Episode of Frozen Planet

“Summer" is the third episode in the Frozen Planet series about the Earth’s polar regions.  The episode begins by discussing the sun never setting during the summer in the polar regions.
The first mention of Antarctic animals in this episode is the Antarctic fur seals breeding on the South Georgia Islands.  The Antarctic fur seals give birth and within a week mate again.  There is footage of bulls (males) fighting for control of a harem (group of female seals).

The King Penguins of South Georgia are featured next.  Cooling off in the summer heat of 60 degrees is discussed.  The penguins cool off by lying down to let the breeze cool their feet.  They also show elephant seals covering themselves in black sand to cool them off and use as a sun screen.  To avoid overheating the penguin chicks cool off in shallow water and mud.

Near the end of the episode, fall arriving in Antarctica is discussed starting with how the ice begins to increase surrounding the continent.  Emperor Penguins are then featured.  The penguins are shown taboggoning to reach their colony inland.  The females pass the eggs to the males before heading back to the sea.  The males huddle together through the winter.

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