Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Spring" Episode of Frozen Planet

"Spring" is the second episode in the Frozen Planet series about the Earth's polar regions.  The episode begins with footage of Adelie penguins in Antarctica as the breeding season begins.  It shows male Adelie penguins collecting rocks to build nests including males stealing rocks from others' nests.

The "Spring" episode also features King Penguins and Southern Elephant Seals in the South Georgia Islands.  It includes showing the bull seals fighting for role as "beachmaster."

The end of the episode comes back around to Antarctic and the Adelie Penguins.  This part features the Adelie Penguins finding mates and female penguins going fishing while the males incubate the eggs.  The Adelies are scared out of the water when Orca whales arrive.

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