Thursday, November 15, 2007

U.N. Secretary General Ban Brings Climate Change Issue to Front

Recently the U.N. Secretery General, Ban, became the first U.N. Person of this status to visit Antarctica. He is now taking what he saw and learned of climate change and speaking out about the issue of climate change. He believes (as has often been pointed out by others) that the climate change occuring in Antarctica is a warning sign of what can happen and that something should be done.

Read just one of the recent articles about this here. Unfortunately, the article also quotes him saying something that is kind of misleading. The way he words the last statement is talking about floating ice and sea level rise as if it is the floating ice that will cause the rise, but rather the floating ice has already caused the rise that it would if melted and it is the grounded ice that can cause the sea level to rise.

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