Monday, November 19, 2007

Is UN Secretary General an idiot?

Let me first say that I do like how he is trying to bring the issue of climate change up as an important issue, but yet again I found an article claiming he said another stupid thing that just is not true. It is the same thing I criticized last time the he is saying sea level will rise because of a specific kind of ice that in fact cannot make see level rise when it melts because it is already displacing the amount of water it will when it melts. Last time he was quoted as saying that floating ice will cause sea level rise when and if it melts. Now I found an article quoting him as saying that icebergs melting will cause sea level rise. Now these misconceptions are getting ridiculous. Now I am not saying it is that he is saying it that way, but it makes me wonder if that is really what he thinks can cause sea level rise or if just the media is misquoting him saying the icebergs that break off land based ice shelfs causes sea level rise. However, the way the articles I have read make it seem that he is talking about ice that is already floating in the ocean around Antarctica.

Latest article I read with this misleading quote is here.

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