Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Television Shows with Penguins: Jake's Cool New Matey Episode

The "Jake's Cool New Mate" episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates is about a penguin named Percy coming ashore Pirate Island in search of Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon (a part of Never Land that is winter all year long) for his penguin colony to move to because their current colony broke apart.  The episode is rather a poor representation of penguins because it seems to try to properly represent them, but then it has the penguin joking about being chased by polar bears, which is so inaccurate of an idea that it rather taints the episode from even being a fun fantasy representation of penguins.  It is one thing to portray fictional penguins as cartoon characters, but I cannot stand the way it seems to imply that polar bears and penguins coexist naturally.

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