Sunday, August 16, 2009

Penguins of Madagascar Nickelodeon Magazine Cover

I did not subscribe to Nickelodeon Magazine, but I guess over the summer Nick Jr. Magazine, which I did subscribe to stopped printing and they just decided to send me the Nickelodeon Magazine instead. I was not happy when the first issue was a Spongebob one, but I was out of town and soon ended up with the next month's issue because I did not know about having to cancel my subscription. The next one, though, was kind of nice because it has the Penguins of Madagascar show characters on it. I might not be much into the show because of King Julien ruining it, but I still like the penguins and without having to listen to King Julien it is way better.

The only thing inside the issue that features the penguins is on page 22 of this issue (September 2009 by the way). It is an article made to be like the front page of the Zoo York Times with articles about the happenings at the zoo. I was kind of disappointed that there was not anything else with the penguins in the issue. At least I now have a cool cover to add to my crazy collection of random penguin images in my Antarctic bathroom.

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