Monday, September 15, 2008

My Antarctic Bathroom

Below are pictures of my Antarctic Bathroom, which is the only clean and completed room in my house. It has a shelf of little penguin knick knacks I have collected from all over including a few from the tip of South America and South Africa. It has a white medicine cabinet that represents an iceberg. It is a metal cabinet, so I have placed my penguin magnets and some penguin postcards and such on it. I have two white hook racks that are also supposed to represent ice, especially with their clear knobs.

I found the penguin shower curtain at Target the other day. Although, it is a surfing/sun penguin type design it still fits pretty well because the penguins are pretty realistic looking besides the surf gear and it has blues in it. Also, part of the Target line of penguin bathroom accessories is the Penguin trash can I put up on top of the closet and a cup I put on top of the sink.

The toilet seat is blue and the medicine cabinet is like an iceberg floating on the ocean blue of the cabinet. Lastly I have some penguin handtowels and blue bath towels and a penguin rug.

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