Friday, September 19, 2008

Encounters At the End of the World

I have been seeing stuff about Encounters at the End of the World for a while now, but it did not come to a local theater until this month. I finally got around to seeing it last night.

It was not entirely an exciting movie, but it was a great unique documentary. I like how it focused on the people that work there and the research they do with barely touching on penguins. Sure, I love penguins, but I love the other things about Antarctica, too, and this documentary shows people that there is more to Antarctica than penguins.

Some of the interesting parts include underwater footage and footage of the researchers at Mt. Erebus, a volcano. My favorite thing, though, is that it showed David Ainley talking a little about Adelie Penguins. I know most probably do not know who he is, but I remember him being one of the authors of a lot of the articles I used in my Endangered Penguins Research paper back in college.

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