Monday, February 4, 2008

House Episode Last Night

It took forever for this show to come on last night, as the Super Bowl post game show had to finish, but it finally came on at 10:30pm and I am glad I stayed up to see it. I did figure out that this was in fact the first airing of the episode. It was a really great episode of House. It was really interesting how they had him working on a case via webcam and it was one where he actually spent time with the patient because he like her. If you missed it, I will not give away the ending, but will just say it was very interesting to learn that such a small thing could cause so much problems and that how because of the cold of Antarctica she did not notice it. I looked it up on and discovered it is replaying on the USA channel next Friday, February 15 at 11pm for me on the East Coast (check your TV guide to find out your local time for this airing, as for some it may be different) for those who missed it.

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