Sunday, February 24, 2008

Antarctic Book: The Magic School Bus' Penguin Puzzle

The fun animated series of books and television shows for kids includes a fun Antarctic themed chapter book that I recently read. This book is called Penguin Puzzle and is about the class going on a field trip to Antarctica. They accidentally get turned into penguins and experience life as penguins until they figure out how to return to being just kids. Along the way they learn about Antarctica and different Antarctic penguin species. Interspersed with the text of the story is short reports and notes inserted to learn additional facts about Antarctica and penguins. The end of the book also has some short one page reports by the students in Mrs. Frizzle's class about some of the species of penguins including African, Galapagos, and Gentoo penguins. Overall this is a really fun fictional story that has the added educational value of science facts for kids around ages 7 to 10.

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