Sunday, September 9, 2007

Belgium Builds Emission Free Antarctic Station

This is somewhat old news, as I have not gotten around to posting about it and was again reminded that I wanted to do so when I ran across another article about it that can be fo here. This station is run by renewable energy sources, which is what makes it a zero emissin building. The station is currently still in Brussels (at least I think it is) as it was pre-built there and will be shipped down to Antarctica. It is called the Princess Elisabeth Station. It is really cool looking with its interesting architectural design and its stainless steel outside. This seems a great step forward in reducing emissions. Sure it is a small step, but hopefully other countries will follow the futuristic lead of the Belgium station by at least making their stations emission free if not following the futuristic design.

A few other articles more dated than this one can be found here , here, and here.

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