Sunday, September 16, 2007

Antarctic Ice at Highest Levels Since 1979

This article is a decent example that the earth is not experiencing global warming everywhere, but that is the overall trend. It just shows that the more accurate term is climate change, which can mean more than even temperature change but changes in other weather patterns.

In the Antarctic the warming has been occuring on the Peninsula, but the rest of the continent has actually experienced some cooling. This has allowed for more extensive and longer lasting ice in this area, which more than makes up for the ice lost around the Peninsula.

This particular article does present an interesting thing on if the ice in the Arctic that is surely melting and decreasing in being balanced by the increased ice in the Antarctic. Not exactly sure what he is leading to, but the ice being in balance on earth as in the same amount means nothing if the Arctic losses its and can no longer support the animals that rely on the ice such as polar bears.

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