Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recreating Shackleton's Journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia Island

A group of six adventurers is working on the preparations to recreate the journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia Island.  Ernest Shackleton made it in 1917 in the James Caird lifeboat with five of his crew.  The Shackleton Epic Expedition will attempt to do the same using the same technology and supplies available to Shackleton and his men (although I am guessing along with some a modern ship following or something).  They are even have a replica of the James Caird built to use for the expedition.   The replica is named Alexandra Shackleton in honor of the patron of the expedition, who is also the closest living relative of Ernest Shackleton.  This is also in keeping with the tradition that the James Caird lifeboat was named after one of the patrons of the original Endurance expedition.

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