Monday, October 3, 2011

Whale Wars 2011-2012: Operation Divine Wind

The Sea Shepherd group will once again be trying its best to intervene with the Japanese whaling operation around Antarctica starting in December of this year.  Last year they helped to shorten the time the Japanese spent whaling and really limited the effectiveness of the program.  However, their tactics are not the most desirable, as they are willing to put their lives at risk and it really is becoming a true war.  It seems the Sea Shepherds are always portrayed as heros and the Japanese as villians, but it would be interesting to see more press that shows the Japanese side or less bias.

Personally, I think the Japanese might be stretching the meaning of the international laws regarding whaling, but at the same time the Sea Shepherd group is taking everything to the other extreme and being unlawful, too.  The Japanese are obviously at this point really trying to save face and the Sea Shepherds or some other intervening party could perhaps make negotiations that respected the Japanese traditions and allowed them to not be totally disgraced.  There are obviously cultural differences that seem to exacerbate this to a point of just ridiculousness by both parties.

What do you think about the Whale Wars?  I'd love to hear others opinions on it whether for one side or the other or even just neutral.

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