Monday, September 26, 2011

Drawings from Scott's Expedition to go on public display for first time ever

Never before publicly displayed drawings from Scott's South Pole expedition will be on display at the Queen's Gallery as part of "The Heart of the Great Alone: Scott, Shackleton and Antarctic Photography" exhibit.  The drawings include one of the black flag that Scott and his men 13 miles from the pole that signified to them that they had lost the race to the pole.  This exhibit will be on display from October 21, 2011 through April 15, 2012.

The exhibit includes images from Scott's 1912 expedition and Shackleton's Endurance expedition.  Both expeditions are known as heroic examples of British exploration in the Antarctica with Scott reaching the South Pole days after Amundsen was the first and dying on the return from the pole and Shackleton successfully getting his whole crew out of the Antarctic after their ship became stuck in the ice and it sunk.

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