Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Special Antarctic Cruise to Fulfill Frank Wild's Last Request

This winter there will be an extra special Antarctic tourist cruise among the tourist cruise offerings.  This cruise is through One Oceans Expeditions and involves fulfilling Frank Wild's last request, which was to be buried next to Ernest Shackleton.  Shackleton is buried in a whaler's graveyard in the South Georgia islands.

The cruise is special in that it involves taking the ashes to their final resting place while also attempting to visit the famed Elephant Island where the crew of the Endurance were eventually rescued from.  Also, descendents of Frank Wild as well as Shackleton's granddaughter, Andrea Shackleton, will be on the cruise.   It also includes the regular Antarctic peninsula type destinations.

Frank Wild took part in 4 different Antarctic expeditions including being part of Scott's 1901 expedition with Shackleton and part of Shackleton's Nimrod and Endurance expeditions.  He was the second in command for the Endurance expedition and left in charge on Elephant Island when Shackleton left in the lifeboat to get help.  Wild was also second in command on the Quest expedition in which Shackleton died leaving Wild to lead the expedition.

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