Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chile Plans to Add Museum to Arturo Prat Base

Chile is planning to add a museum with exhibits relating to Chilean Antarctic explorers/pioneers to its Arturo Prat base.  The museum is partly to remember the explorer's achievements, but it is also meant to draw tourism.  All those that fear they are majorly trying to ruin Antarctica and draw massive tourism, there is not much to fear, as they only hope to draw 500 people a year.

One of the things the museum will highlight is the Chilean Luis Prado's involvement in the rescue of Shackleton's men from Elephant Island in 1916.  Additionally, the museum will highlight the founding of Chile's first Antarctic base in 1947.

The museum is expected to be finished within the next two years, so visitors should be able to start enjoying it by end of 2013.

Read more about the plans here.

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