Sunday, April 10, 2011

Puerto Williams Striving to be Chile's Ushuaia Equivalent

Puerto Williams is located in Chile, but is only about 25 miles from Ushuiaia in Argentina is located.  Ushuaia is the main port that Antarctica tourist cruises leave from.  Puerto Williams plans to expand their port to accommodate the cruise liners.  Further down the road they also plan to expand the local airport.  While they just got some Chilean government money to improve their tourism industry, it appears it will still be a while before they even have the facilities to even try to compete with Ushuaia.

On one hand competition can be good for getting quality tourist experiences, but on the other hand this is sort of attempting to expand the Antarctic tourist industry, which overall is not good for the continent.  Sure, the lack of competition might lead to increasingly expensive Antarctic tourism/cruises, but this is the type of tourism industry that I feel needs to be that way to protect the natural environment of Antarctica for others to enjoy it as it is for as long as possible.

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