Saturday, January 1, 2011

Video Game with Penguins: Polar Bowler

I like finding video games that feature penguins as characters, but sometimes it annoys me. I like bowling, so I rented Polar Bowler for the Nintendo DS just as a bowling game to try out. The bowling was fun, although not exactly realistic. The annoying part is that it is clearly supposed to just be a North Pole themed game and yet it has a penguin as an unlockable character.

In case you do not know, mixing polar bears and penguins in an unnatural way is one of my big pet peeves. I know it would seem okay for a video game of totally fiction to do it, but I am pretty picky on it being tastefully done and this being a North Pole theme does not cut it being allowable to have a polar bear and penguin character in the same game. It is not like Madagascar that has various animals including penguins together because they are from a zoo.

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