Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Suite Life on Deck "Frozen" Episode Review

I had been looking forward to the "Frozen" episode of Suite Life on Deck ever since I heard about it in October. Short version: It was a big disappointment. Long version: The episode does have parts with the twins and Woody in Antarctica, but it is so vague and lame. It is pretty much just them stuck in a blizzard in this one little remote research camp room and thinking that the researcher stole their snow mobile and they are stuck there with no food. Turns out the researcher just went to get them bagels from a nearby base. It is pretty much just the teens freaking out and nothing happening. Total disappointment and not even any penguins and barely even mention of actual Antarctic style research. At least there is not polar bears, but there is a silly thing about a possible yeti kind of monster.

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