Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Antarctic Octopi Venom Could Lead to New Drugs

Some of the more interesting news stories popping up in my Antarctic news Google alert the past week or so has been about octopus venom. It seems that venom that has been collected from octopi found in the waters around Antarctica could be useful in drug development. The research carried out by researchers from the University of Melbourne, the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, and the University of Hamburg collected Antarctic octopi venom as well as discovered four new species.

They have found that the octopi in Antarctica have adapted so that their venom works in sub zero temperatures. Now they are trying to figure out how exactly the venom works. They believe that some of the small proteins in the venom could be used in making drugs. Some of the conditions that could benefit from the understanding of the octopi venom being used in drug design include pain management, allergies, and cancer.


patrick said...

Love the title of the BLOG. I would love to get a Postcard from Antarctica. I have a child that spends lots of time at Drs appointments in hospitals and the sort. He has started to collect postcards. He has 100's. The only continent that he is missing is Antarctica. How do I get one?


wildcat1001 said...

Unfortunately, I do not know anyone that is going to Antarctica. Postcards can be mailed from bases and get special postmarks by those that work there or visit on a cruise. I plan to go back and will send postcards to those that want them, but I probably will not visit for another 5 to 10 years.

When I do finally have the money and book a cruise, I will make a post providing details on how to get on my list of people I will send postcards to. I will probably charge about $2 per postcard to cover cost of postcards and stamps, but I also plan to do a contest for some to get them free.