Thursday, June 10, 2010

Antarctic Book Review: Surviving Antarctica by Andrea White

Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 by Andrea White sounded interesting to me when I added it to my Booksfree queue last month, but boy did it surprise me that I enjoyed it and read it so fast. The book was hard to put down the whole time I was reading it and I sure would have read it faster if I had not been working those three days. I actually did fit in most of the second half during some downtime on the third day reading it because it was so good.

The book is aimed at teens, but I think most age groups can enjoy it. Some young than their teens may find it too intense at parts, but it does turn out all good in the end.

Surviving Antarctica is set in the year 2083. The book is about five 14 year olds being selected to do a Historical Survivor TV series with the chance to win $100,000. The past seasons have proved to be quite dangerous for participants, but everyone hopes the kids will not be made to endure the worst.

Their goal is to reach the "South Pole" as a simulation of Scott's fatal quest in 1912. The kids soon find that the Secretary of Entertainment really makes their expedition go as bad as it did for Scott and they begin to fear they will not survive.

Overall I really enjoyed the book, but I have to admit the ending was kind of sappy and weak. Sure I was glad the kids all survived, but they were made to be tough characters and it would have been nice to read the scenes of the two that did go all the way to the pole. It seemed liked the author tried to quickly wrap up the story because it was getting long.

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