Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mawson's Plane Found in Antarctica

I thought this article about finding the first plane in Antarctica sounded familiar. I searched through my posts and found that almost a year ago I posted about the search for Mawson's plane left behind in Antarctica. I think that is what I was remembering, as there is no way I read about it being found before today, since it was only found yesterday (January 1, 2010) and I did not read my Antarctic news alerts for the past few days until today.

The plane has quite an interesting story with it never making it to Antarctica in tact to even be flown, although technically it still was the first airplane in Antarctica when it was brought in 1911 without wings to be used as a tractor. It never was really successful for that purpose either, but nonetheless it is still a wonderful artifact of Antarctic history to have been rediscovered finally.

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