Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Penguin Christmas Decorations Spotted 2008

Over the holidays I spotted a variety of penguin related Christmas decorations. Most were in good Antarctic taste, but a few in people's yards annoyed me because they displayed penguins with polar bears or even worse one specifically had penguins at the North Pole. Either way it is still fun to spot penguin decorations beyond my bathroom collection.

The above ones are of different yards in the Winterhaven neighborhood of Tucson. Every year they close down the streets and people can walk around viewing the mostly well decorated homes or take a hay ride through the neighborhood.

These photos are of the penguins my dad put in his yard. Two of them are mine, but I did not have a place to put them in my yard. The igloo one is my dad's.

These are photos of penguins under the big Christmas tree at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Lastly here are some photos of a tree decorated with penguin ornaments at the Winter Fest at Navy Pier in Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

awesome finds, thanks for sharing the photos! Reminds me, I need to share photos too, for the first time ever I bought some holiday yard decor -- super cute penguins, (I haven't put them away yet, I love them so much)

These photos are great!