Thursday, May 15, 2008

Celebrity Cruises Plan to Invade Antarctica in 2010

This is really sad news to hear. The Celebrity Cruise Line has announced that they will begin doing drive-by Antarctic cruises in 2010. I really these large ships do not belong anywhere near Antarctica. While I do think people should be allowed to visit Antarctica as tourists they must still be responsible tourists and if you are going to go you should actually experience the continent. Oh, and I also am against the Hurtigruten alternative they mention in the article because they are also bigger than what I think belongs as tourist ships in the area.* The other line they mention may be one of the smaller research vessel ones, but I am not sure. I do know that there are plenty of decent options of small research vessel type cruises.

*Side Note on Hurtigruten: This is a great cruise line that I have been on in Norway. There Norwegian coastal cruises are very much recommended by me. I just do not think there ships belong in the Antarctic, although they are not as large as what the Celebrity Cruise Line will be bringing into the Antarctic.

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