Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interesting Antarctica vs. Arctic Australian News Article

I found this interesting article today that boasts about the political claims over the Arctic are a heated subject while the Antarctic is rather a cold war with no disputes over its seabed. Well, the article does make sense in that it points out how an international treaty does prevent taking advantage of natural resources in the Antarctic and overall the territorial claims in the Antarctic are not made into a big international issue. It does, however, ignore the fact that countries are making very similar seabed claims in Antarctica just like the ones it criticizes happening up north. No, the south is not any better in this respect, but hey I agree with the overall bias that Antarctic is better than the Arctic. Just do not think the facts should be ignored that the Antarctic is not immune to countries fighting over its territory.

Below is a list of the past blog posts I have done about news articles related to the territorial claims in Antarctica. This is not all inclusive of the countries claiming parts of Antarctica, but just examples to show why I am critizing the author of the article ignoring the fact that similar claims are going on in the south.

Chile's Claim
UK Claim

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