Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jurassic Period Dinosaur Found in Antarctica

Fossils of a dinosaur from the Jurassic Period has been found in Antarctica. It is only the second fossil from this period to be unearthed in Antarctica. There could be a lot of dinosaur fossils in Antarctica, but they are hard to unearth due to the ice. This particular find is a primitive sauropodomorph called Glacialisaurus hammeri. The discovery is important in that it shows that the primitive sauropodomoprhs were found in more areas around the world than previously thought. It is also important in that it helps to prove that the primitive sauropodmorphs coexisted for a long time with the true sauropods. Read a little more about this discovery and the dinosaur here. Also, this article while says some of the same stuff calls this the world's largest dinosaur ever found.

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