Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update on the Antarctic Workers Must Pay Taxes

I just discovered an updated article on this issue I was disgusted at earlier. While I am still disgusted by them wanting to be tax free, I now see that there is also a obnoxious government part of it, too, which I suspected must exist to some extent as usual. The thing is that the workers in Antarctica do not get paid overtime even though almost everyone ends up working overtime. Raytheon gets away with it because the government rules that when it comes to labor laws the U.S. considers the Antarctic a foreign country. I think the tax thing should stand firm, but I really think that for the same reason it stands firm in that Antarctica does not have a government taxing the workers that because there is no government to enforce labor laws that the workers on the U.S. bases should work under the U.S. labor laws. The updated I article can be seen here.

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